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Krishna Kanta Handiqui: A Brief Profile

A celebrated child of Assam, Professor Krishna Handiqui is one of the best Sanskritists and one of the best Indologists of the World, or more every one of the, an educationist with extraordinary capacity and vision. Amid his life time he turned into an incredible figure and even to-day the very name K.K. Handiqui Stands for all the great and extraordinary characteristics of a Saintly individual. A man offered totally to significant examination and failing to bother about ubiquity, power and popularity Handique was a strict slave driver in the area of instructive organization. He generally thought of getting quality as opposed to amount.

From 1930 to 1948 Handiqui filled in as the organizer Principal of the Jorhat Jagannath Baruah College, which was the primary non-government degree school of the whole North-East district of India. From 1948 to 1957 Prof. Handiqui filled in as the author Vice-Chancellor of the University of Gauhati, the most seasoned University of the whole North-East locale of India. Tending to the youthful graduates in the main conference of the Gauhati University held in 1951 he said : ” I require not help them to remember then incipient duties and the considerable custom they need to convey forward as commendable residents of India. They should recollect that it isn’t degrees yet character and the virtue of the heart that will qualifies them for the poise of man. In a world brimming with enticements they need to keep their adjust and oppose the powers of insidiousness.” Inaugurating the meeting Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan appropriately commented, ” Your Vice-Chancellor isn’t just a Vice-Chancellor yet in addition an incredible researcher” Handiqui embraced an indistinguishable enrollment arrangement from Sir Ashutosh Mookherjee did in the Calcutta University, viz., to enlist the best qualified people as instructors from any piece of India, independent of cast, statement of faith or group. This put the University on a sound balance as well as improved its renown. Under his solid initiative, this establishment developed from quality to quality. In 1952 Handiqui was chosen the President of the Inter-University Board of India.He managed the Vice-Chancellors’ meeting at Madras University and the yearly gathering of the Board at Waltair, Andhra around the same time.

Prof. Handiqui acquired in his veins the nobility of an aristrocratic Ahom Family of customary heads associated with the Ahom rulers of medieval Assam who governed over the kingdom of Assam for six hundred years at an extend till 1826 when the kingdom got added to the region under the influence of the East India Company. His family name Handique seems, by all accounts, to be an Anlicised type of Assamese word Sandikai articulated in Assamese as handikai or xandikai. The word is however gotten from the Ahom (Tai) dialect meaning an extension (hun) to lay (dikai).

Conceived at Jorhat in Upper Assam in July 20, 1898 he was the oldest child of the distinguished Raibahadur Radha Kanta Handiqui, a presumed tea grower and giver of Assam. His mom Narayani Aideo was a sister of another celebrated child of Assam, viz., Padmanath Gohain Baruah, a spearheading author of present day Assamese writing. Handiqui had his initial training at Jorhat Govt. Secondary School and after that at Cotton College, Guwahati. He got a First Class in B.A. Respects in Sanskrit Securing Prasanna Kummar Sarbadhikari Gold award as an understudy of Calcutta Sanskrit College in 1917 at nineteen years old. Amid his school days he contributed enlightening articles to Assamese magazine Banhi altered by Sahityarathi Lakshminath Bezbaruah. His English articles were distributed in examine diaries like The Modern Review and The Indian Antiquary, Bombay. The majority of his articles bear stamp of wide investigation and clear piece. He was one of the pioneers who began Asom Chatra Sanmilan and one of the Chief point of the association was to urge the understudy group to consider and compose for the headway of Assamese writing. In 1919 Handiqui got a First Class in M.A. Sanskrit of Calcutta University with unique papers on Vedic writing. In the M.A. Class he had the benefit of concentrate as the main understudy of the Vedic gathering in that bunch under as awesome a researcher as Mahamahopadhyaya Sitaram Shastri who used to instruct Vedic writing in customary route through the medium of Sanskrit. With this completely established and customary foundation Handiqui continued to England in 1920 and did his M.A. in Oxford University with distinction in Modern History in 1923. Equity S.K. Dutta, a famous educationist and a nearby partner of Handiqui is very right in saying, “Handiqui was from one perspective a Sanskrit Pandit, then again an Oxford wear. There was a delightful mix of Oriental and occidental culture in him.”


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