SP-2, NH-12, RIICO Institutional Area, Jhalawar Road, Ranpur, Kota, Rajasthan

R. N. Modi Engineering College feedback and reviews

R.N. Modi Engineering College (RMEC) is the primary designing school built up in 2004 in Ranpur, Kota to take into account the Engineering examines for the reason for instructive development in the general public. Its commitment since its commencement has been estimable, as the nation has now turned out to be well-off in innovative improvement. The Institute is around 10 km far from downtown area in a serene domain.

While entering the entryway of RMEC and strolling through the asphalts between one of a kind Nature’s displays, the earth serious and fragrant awes so profoundly as though Providence has offered the premises the components of focus, reflection, and so forth in wealth, as vital for learning Imparting schools.

It was totally a striking advance with high vision of Dr. R.N. Modi, The President Modi Education Group to make a foundation of Engineering considers in different branches to satisfy the desires of understudies and development of designers in the nation and run shoulder to bear with the national battle of instructing our kin and make them all around arranged for accomplishing high level of innovative improvement in the countrywith worldwide measures.

As a sign of most prominent instructive structure, R.N. Modi Engineering College (RMEC) has seta pace which has altogether prompted share the most solid and determined organic products towards instructive improvement and glorification in the nation .The breakthroughs accomplished by this Institute are illustrative, and points of interest made inside this grounds are greatly refreshing strings to prompt the peak of instructive finish.

RMEC In itself Is a push to include in Its range, the scholastic extravagance ultimatelyto treat the tree of studies, with brilliant plumes of progress and to fly high at the skyline of ability probability. Tarrying and end of absence of education agony to a more noteworthy degree, has been conceivable in this regressive zone through the Institutions under the umbrella of Modi Education Group, Kota and RMEC one of its a vital part has assumed its part effectively and essentially in making and making a huh of designers ofworth_

RMEC isn’t just a school however for all intents and purposes a TEMPLE OF ENLIGHTENMENTAND ILLUMINATIONS where several understudies have manufactured their profession and accomplished their destinations and objectives and are proceeding to do as such with greattrustand certainty.

This establishment is known to be a pioneer instructive foundation and has had connection with University of Rajasthan, Jaipur at first with the endorsement of AICTE and it involves glad benefit that two clumps of Engineers in Civil Engineering, Computer Science Engineering, and Electronics and Communication Engineering and Applied Electronics and Instrumentation go out from this school and now they are serving in different esteemed associations in the nation and abroad. Not long after the foundation of RTU this school is running under the connection of RTU as affirmed by Al CTE. Around 6 clumps of building understudies have effectively finished their designing degree (B.E/13.TECH) and are serving in different parts of the district and in addition abroad. It is one of the first Institutesto approve itsfunclions through usage of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).


  • Civil Engineering
  • Computer Network Engineering
  • Computer Science & Engineering
  • Electrical & Electronics Engineering
  • Electronics & Comm Engineering
  • Engineering

College Facilities

  • Hostel
  • Library
  • Parking
  • Seminar Hall
  • Sports
  • Transport

  • shreenidhi

    20 Reviews
    ""good college""
    one of the good engineering college in rajasthan.facilities and infrastructure is good.
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  • "Awesome college"
    This college is very good for engineering in rajasthan . Placement is very good.
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