courses: Chemical Engineering

Government Polytechnic College, Alirajpur, Madhya Pradesh

The college campus is situated along Umar Khali Road, Near Bistan Naka, Khargone, approximately 3 KM from Bus Station towards South. Auto Rickshaws are available 24 Hrs. Khargone (खरगोन) is a city and a municipality in Khargone district in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. Khargone region was formerly known as West Nimar (पश

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Goel Group of Institutions

Goel Group of Institutions aims to provide quality engineering & professional education for sharpening the technical & analytical abilities of students. We aim to provide full facility for their personality development and train them to be successful professionals as well as wealth creators for the country by enhancing their knowledge base, confidence and creativity for achieving the effective results. We dedicate ourselves to achieve high academic and ethical standard of our students.Bring together the creativity and zeal of rural and urban students to become successful professionals through imparting world class quality education. We Motivate the students to realize their own potential, analytical and ethical capabilities by using latest modern infrastructure facility in campus to become globally competitive engineers and worthy citizen of this great country, India.

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Government Polytechnic College, AshokNagar

Government Polytechnic College Ashoknagar is situated in Ashok Nagar, Madhya Pradesh. Address of college is Vidisha Road. It is an Government type of college. It was established in 1964 under the aegis of Directorate Of Technical Education Government Of Mp. The college is affiliated to Rajiv Gandhi Prodoyogiki Vishwavidyalaya, Bhopal. The institute has gained the approval of All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE),Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India and is recognized by University Grant Commission of India, New Delhi.

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Government Polytechnic College Barwani, Barwani, Madhya Pradesh

Government Polytechnic College Barwani is situated in Barwani, Madhya Pradesh. Address of college is Anjad Road, In Front Of Sarla Grenite, Village Kari, Barwani. It is an Government type of college. It was established in 2003 under the aegis of State Govt. The college is affiliated to Rajiv Gandhi Prodoyogiki Vishwavidyalaya, Bhopal. The institute has gained the approval of All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE),Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India and is recognized by University Grant Commission of India, New Delhi.

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Government Polytechnic College, Balaghat

Govt. Polytechnic College Balaghat, situated on the bank of river Wainganga and surrounded by dense Teakwood forest, was established in 1962, under open door policy of Government with a view to catering to the needs of manpower in technology. Our college is approved by AICTE and running four diploma courses named Civil, Mechanical,Electrical and Comp. Sc. & Engg affiliated by RGPV ,Bhopal which is the technical university of Madhya Pradesh. The College produces highly skilled technicians which are well placed in reputed companies through campus placement and direct recruitment.

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Shri K J Polytechnic Bharuch

Aiming towards the better quality of life through technical education.

=> To educate engineering subjects to students from all sectors of society that meets the requirements of the profession ,committed to life-long learning and have the potential to be the future leader of the profession.
=> To create , develop and disseminate new knowledge through high quality , innovative research through environmental conservation.
=> To provide service to various agencies of the nation and engineering community.
=> To provide the leadership to the engineering profession in the Gujarat state and in India.

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Sir Bhavsinhji Polytechnic Institute

1 The Broad objectives of the schemes are :

(1) To provide a Community – Institute interface so that Science and Technology inputs can be transferred to the Community through skills training; technology transfer and organization of support services.

(2) Ensuring for the rural society a fair share of benefits from the investments in technical education system and thus bring Socio-economic upliftment and improvement of quality to life of rural community.

(3) To create sensitivity amongst students and faculty of Polytechnics towards live problems of the community needing Science and Technology inputs.

1.2 The Major Operational Activities of The Scheme :

(1) To ascertain the felt needs of the community through techno-economic social survey; job potential survey etc.

(2) To become focal point for technology transfer.

(3) To train youth; women and other disadvantaged groups in employable skills.

(4) To provide technical and other support services for improving local capabilities.

(5) To create awareness regarding development programs for creating problem solving environment.

1.3 Following are the Major Activities Identified for the Community Polytechnic :

(1) Socio Economic Survey

(2) Manpower Development

(3) Transfer of Technology

(4) Technical Support Services

(5) Community Services

(6) Dissemination of Information

2.1 About our Community Polytecnic :

Community Polytechnic Wing was started at this Institute since 1986. This wing serves rural and particularly weaker sections by providing technical training for self employment through manpower development; transfer of technology; socio-economic technical survey; Technical support services and dissemination of information. Institute has earned high reputation in surrounding rural areas.

2.2 Our Extension Centre :-

In order to accomplish ground level physical delivery of new technologies at the doorsteps of the rural people; the Community Polytechnic has established following extension centers in the nearby villages – Kardej, Ghogha, Ruva, Vartej, Fulsar, Fariyadka, Budhel, Ningala, Adhewada, Pachhegam, Manar, Malanka, Sihor, Indiranagar, Ambala, Piparala, Rohisala, Chopda, Bhandariya, Ishwariya, Dharuka, Khijadiya, Avaniya, Chitra, Ramdhari, Tarsamiya, Sanosara, Madhada, Bhadli, Koliyak, Ghanghali, Raghola, Nari etc. At extension centers the Institute runs different classes like Radio and T.V. Repair, Turning and Fitting, Plumbing, Machinist, Auto Mechanic, Masonry, Motor Rewinding, Welding and Fabrication, Data Entry, House Wiring, Knitting, Garment Making, Beauty Culture, Bakery and Confectionery, Embroidery, Ceramic Painting, Furniture and Cabinet Making, Fabric Painting, Fancy Work, Soap and Shampoo making, Pearl articles, Batik Printing, Toys Making, Food processing, Zari work, A.C. and Refrigeration, Cutting and Tailoring and Screen Printing. Upto March 2005 the Institute trained total Manpower of about 6500 in above trades. The Institute also transferred the technology services like smokeless chulha, Low cost septic tank and Soak pit, Biogas plants, Sanitary Latrines, Low cost water filter, Solar Cooker, Recharging of Wells, Solar Drier, Geodesic Domes, Solar Lantern, Lighting devices, Agarbatti making and chalk making. About 960 persons were benefited from same.

In Technical support services the Institute provided following technical services to rural areas like house wiring repair, hand pump repair, Sewing Machine repair, Moped repair, Tractor repair, Soil testing, TV repair, Vocational Guidance camp, survey and Design of traffic island, L.P.G. use and Safety, water testing, Repair and maintenance of household appliances, repairs of furniture’s etc. About 300 beneficiaries have taken benefits from the above.

In Community Services the Institute provides services like youth club, health exhibition, education film show, tree plantation, Blood donation camp, safe drinking water facilities, students councelling and sanitation. In sanitation the Institute has undertaken Kansaranala Purification Project, the most essential project for Bhavnagar City, which was accepted by Municipal Corporation for implementation.

In Information dissemination, the Institute worked in areas like health and sanitation exhibition, distribution of booklets on Agriculture, Low cost housing and water management in which various video films were shown in rural areas.

3.0 Conclusion :-

Upto March 2005, the Institute spent Rs. 5,19,513/- Non Recurring expenses and Rs.35,10,411/- in Recurring expenses during last 19 Years. As such the Institute contributed keen interest in rural development.

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Government Womens Polytechnic College, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh S.V. Polytechnic College, Bhopal

Govt. Women’s Polytechnic College, Bhopal is affiliated to Rajiv Gandhi Proudyogiki Vishwavidyalaya and approved by AICTE. the college will conduct various Engineering and Occupation based professional Diploma courses.there by bringing the women to the mainstream of the technological and socio-economic development of the country.

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Integral University

A civilized society is one that is built upon the foundations of scientific thinking and social welfare. Both of which at times are considered to be mutually exclusive, but are indeed interdependent.

Science is a study based on concrete facts and principles which lead to the absolute. Society on the other hand is based on relationships and affections which are considered to be unpredictable. A balance of both is desirable for a civilization to sustain and prosper.

Underlying principle for both the extremes is the ability to learn, implement, relearn and unlearn, and in order to facilitate this process we have education systems.

A pressing need for a formal education system was felt as the quantum of human knowledge grew. This need gave way to the establishment of centers for learning.

The establishment of the Integral University as a center for learning was a small step in the direction of achievement of the vision to educate and empower people.

In tune with the motto “Inspiring Existence

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Government Polytechnic College, Burhanpur

Jija Mata Govt. Polytechnic College, Burhanpur vision is to produce and develop demand driven competent technocrats and H.R. managers of high quality in Hi -Tech areas of engineering & technology and fashion technology and travel & tourism. The college aim is to help the deprived and disadvantaged section of the society through technical and management support services by encouraging enterprising skills and become a bench mark in informal education for community at large.

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