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Poornima Group Of Institutions (FACULTY Of Engineering & Faculty Of Management)

Radical changes are being generated by Globalization, especially with regards to how national economies and transnational corporations around the Globe are designing, producing, distributing and consuming products and services. With a well laid out superbly landscaped campus that spans over 30 acres Poornima Group of Colleges, offers a unique academic environment of continuous influence and interaction considered essential for the enrichment of mind and the body with the maximum of speed and minimum of cost.Students are the touchstones of our university and are at the core of our vision and mission.

The University recognizes the abilities of its students very well and enables them to harness their potential and to grow and evolve into successful professionals. At this unique institution located in pink city of Jaipur, we nurture the academic skills, fine-tune the aesthetic senses and work towards building a holistic culture that values the individuality of each student.Our focus remains on evolving efficient, confident and highly knowledgeable technocrats, managers, pharmacists and entrepreneurs with global thinking and futuristic mind-set that will contribute to nation building with simultaneous faith in corporate ethics.

To provide quality education,Poornima Group of Colleges has a team of highly qualified and dedicated faculty members and created a physical environment that supports teaching, learning, and research.I hope you will enjoy using the website and utilize the information available on it in a productive way. We very cordially invite you to visit our campus and see for yourself how Poornima University is different and in just one year of operation it has carved a niche for itself with excellent reputation.

I look forward to welcome you to Poornima Group of Colleges a

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Punjab Multipurpose Institute of nursing and Pharmacy

Punjab Aircraft Maintenance Engineering College, Patiala (PAMEC) was established by the Punjab Government in the early 1980s to impart ab-intio training in the field of Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (AME). The institute was approved by the Director General of Civil Aviation, Government of India, New Delhi vide their letter No 5-F-21/2521 dated 4th June, 1883. The scope of approval was in the Category “G

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Swami Vivekananda Institute of Science & Technology

Our vision is to train the students to become quality executive with high standard professionalism as well as morality and ethics using our excellent resources, infrastructural and technological support in all the professional streams. Similarly we also believe in all round development of the students personality. In this era of economic liberalization, globalization and technological super-advancement our effort is to put quality education in the light of Swamiji’s vision of spreading education throughout the society.

Our Mission

Our mission is to harmonize the traditional values of India with the new values brought through the progress of science and technology and bring forth an all round development of the students with focus on innovation and improvement. Propagation of advanced and modern education on the firm ground of our own philosophy and culture is our motto. We strive to make the college a centre of excellence and satisfaction with the highest levels of academic standard.

Our Goal

What we Plan to Achieve:

Reach: Recruit and retain a diverse group of students from pre-school to university & post graduate level.
Values: Continuously evaluate and increase the quality and relevance of academic content and performance standards in the core subjects for pre-school, grades 1 through 12 and university education.Enhance the quality of student life by providing professional development opportunities and promoting a sense of community among students.
Achievement: Ensure that all students are performing at a standard level or higher. Ensure that the assignments are done correctly in the first instance.
Evaluation: Ensure that all students receive the same standards-based evaluation, grades 1 through 12 and university education, also to ensure that a small number of exceptional needs for students must be addressed using appropriate alternative means to determine achievement and progress for all.
Trustee Board

Dr. Ashoke Binaykia MS and a renowned surgeon of Kolkata with an experience of running two 100 bedded multispecialty hospitals as Managing Director for last 20 years. He is associated with renowned organization e.g. Swami Vivekananda Institute of Science & Technology as its chairman and with Innova Biotech Industry and AB Technology Pvt. Ltd., as managing Director respectively.
Dr. Nandan Gupta
Dr. Nandan Gupta MBBS, MBA, (IIM) : is the Secretary of Swami Vivekananda Institute of Science & Technology. He was Health Finance Consultant in Strategic Planning and Sector Reform Cell of Govt. of West Bengal. He is the Director of BDRC and Medview Service Pvt .Ltd.
Dr. Gupta is also the President of Burdwan Institute of Management and Computer Science and the Vice – President of Oriental Association For Education & Research that runs one school and three colleges.

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Camellia Institute of Technology


To develop resourceful citizens who are able to meet the challenges of future with a human face and emerge as an accredited centre of excellence in technology, education & research.

To develop resourceful citizens who are able to meet the challenges of future with a human face and emerge as an accredited centre of excellence in technology, education & research.

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Netaji Subhash Engineering College

At the outset I welcome you all for joining out institution for the ensuing semester. You are stepping into a new world which will be different from that you have experienced so far and where you will spend a very important time of your life. You should prepare yourself to accept this new challenge.
You are entering an institution of repute and we expect you will maintain the academic sanctity, institutional discipline through your commitment and consistency. The institution has its mission and vision and we expect you will also try to achieve it to your level best.
I wish you a bright prospect and future and I am confident that you will enjoy the study in this institution to shape your bright future.

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Heritage Institute of Technology (HIT, Kolkata),

HIT-K was set up with a view to creating a Centre of Excellence in technical education in Eastern India. The aim is to be a leader in technical education in the country and to be at par with the best in the world. Since inception, HIT-K has been fortunate to attract the best possible faculty and has created one of the finest infrastructure available in West Bengal. All its eligible B.Tech Programmes are accredited by NBA and it has been granted autonomous status by UGC w.e.f. AY 2014-15. There are further expansion plans which are intended to be implemented in phases to elevate the status of this Institute to that of a Private University.

A harmonious integration of valued traditions with modern outlook is the guiding pronciple behind the development of academic environment that constitutes the basic philosophy of the Institute.

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Jadavpur University

Generous donations for the great cause of national education came from Raja Subodh Chandra Mallik, after whom the road on which Jadavpur University stands, is named, Brojendra Kishore Roy Choudhury, Maharaja Suryya Kanto Acharya Choudhury and others and National Council of Education (N.C.E.), Bengal proceeded with its programme. Subsequently came a princely bequest of Rs13lakhs from Sir Rashbehari Ghosh, the legendary legal luminary.

Calcutta Corporation under the guidance of its Mayor Deshbandhu Chittaranjan Das leased out to N.C.E. the present site of Jadavpur Campus where its Engineering College was shifted in 1924. The Aurobindo Building, now housing the administrative offices, used to be the venue of teaching of the Engineering College.

Great Masters

Sri Aurobindo was the first Principal of the Bengal National College and among the teachers was luminaries like Rabindranath Tagore, Sir Gurudas Banerjee, Ananda Coomaraswamy, Surendra Nath Banerjee, Ramendra Sundar Trivedi, Radha Kumud Mukherjee, Benoy Kumar Sarkar, Sakharam Ganesh Deoskar and others.

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Narula Institute of Technology

NIT is a one-stop venue for promoting a vibrant and sustainable atmosphere for teaching-learning. Besides academics, the students get an exposure to the world of co-curricular activities which help them in shaping their personality. The students made the college proud by winning laurels in some recent cultural events organized by Telegraph and Maruti Suzuki. To add a feather in our cap is Lakhi Singh of ECE, 2nd year who is selected in the national squad for the Women’s “Under Nineteen World cup T20” cricket tournament to be played at Bangladesh.

Thus, the cornerstone of the successful evolution of Narula Institute of Technology lies in its meticulous tutoring and mentoring of the future professionals of the industry as well as of academia and citizens of the society where the Institute’s success has always been directly proportional to the success of the students.The college is in collaboration with Oracle, INFOSYS, TCS, NIT Sikkim, IIT-KGP, AIT Bangkok and other organizations of repute. The students get an opportunity to interact with foreign experts all across the globe through seminars, conferences and special teaching-learning sessions. The student chapter plays a crucial role in organizing informative technical events within the campus. At present there are five student chapters in our college: IETE student forum of Electronics & Communication Engineering Department, ICE & ASCE of Civil Engineering Department, CSI of Computer Science Engineering, Information Technology & MCA Department and Institute of Engineers of Electrical Engineering Department.

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Amity University, Kolkata

The level of students\’ academic performance as the aggregate of continuous evaluation and end term examination is reflected by letter grades on a Ten Point Scale. Letter grades (A+, A, A-, B+, B, B-, C+, C, F) have points associated with them in quantified hierarchy and have qualitative meaning. Semester Grade Point Average (SGPA) & Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) are calculated based on the students\’ performance in Semester(s), & overall respectively.

Amity University follows Absolute Grading as well as Relative Grading depending upon the student strength in a particular programme & batch. Students are required to maintain minimum SGPA & CGPA to pass a semester/promote to the next semester and qualify for Degree/Diploma.

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A Y Dadabhai Technical Institute

Mission :-
To nurture qualitative, dynamic and market driven technical human resource through various branches of engineering and with value addition training programs to cater the exact needs of nation.
To impart transparent and good governance along with accountability in all aspects to stackholders.
To enhance industry-institute-alumni interaction platform for mutual benefit.
Vision 2020:-
To develop the institute to impart technical education globally competitive and to equip students with skills and innovative ideas for betterment of nation.

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