courses: Manufacturing Science & Engineering

Amity University, Kolkata

The level of students\’ academic performance as the aggregate of continuous evaluation and end term examination is reflected by letter grades on a Ten Point Scale. Letter grades (A+, A, A-, B+, B, B-, C+, C, F) have points associated with them in quantified hierarchy and have qualitative meaning. Semester Grade Point Average (SGPA) & Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) are calculated based on the students\’ performance in Semester(s), & overall respectively.

Amity University follows Absolute Grading as well as Relative Grading depending upon the student strength in a particular programme & batch. Students are required to maintain minimum SGPA & CGPA to pass a semester/promote to the next semester and qualify for Degree/Diploma.

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Bcm Polytechnic Raiya\\\\\\\’s elaborate education section helps students to take a decision about their career by publishing hundreds of articles related to the various career options available. The section gives a subject wise/state wise listing of thousands of educational institutions with contact details. Information on institutes conducting Direct study, Distance education/correspondence, online education, details of competitive exams, application procedures and admissions dates are listed. There is a special section on Entrance Exams with question banks and free online tests to help students to prepare for entrance. We also furnish details of studying abroad in USA, UK and Canada universities and admission procedures.

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Veer Abhimanyu Polytechnic

College offers Diploma in Civil Engineering, Computer Science & Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electronics & Communication Engineering and Mechanical Engineering courses.

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Government Polytechnic, Jhajjar

NOTE: The data available with us about Government Polytechnic, Jhajjar is maintained by MHRD under the program ‘All India Survey of Higher Education’. We represent the same facts in a user-friendly way. If you’re looking for more details regarding admission/application forms, syllabus, courses offered, results or examinations schedule, kindly contact the relevant department of the college.

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Swami Devi Dyal Institute Of Pharmacy

wami Devi Dyal Group of Professional Institutions has an Independent cell to take care of the training of the students and their placements through a number of seminars and placements drives regularly organized in the campus. This cell has a dynamic team of young and experienced professionals. They all put untiring efforts to equip the students with core needs of the corporate world.

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Shree Siddhivinayak Educational Trust’s Group Of Institutions

balance of our body, our thoughts and our aspirations that help a person realize his own unique potential. Our Founder Principal wanted to focus on the growth of each student’s personality by imparting integral and holistic education.In 2000, Shri Gopal Sharma conceptualized and realized his dream of laying the foundation of MVN Aravali Hills, an Ultra modern school in the lush green lap of the Aravali Hills. The eight acre premises provide an environment to its students which allows for their multifaceted growth and development into responsible citizens and professionals of tomorrow, where competition is favored, achievement is applauded and individual dynamism is ceaselessly on the wings of transition, the MVN Society aspires for something more than just formal education. We aim to inculcate in our children the values that would help them to be self reliant in decision and responsive to changes in environment and circumstances develop the capability to take calculated risks where required, manage top complexity, be curious and sound in reasoning. This concept is the rich legacy of our beloved mentor.Shri Gopal Sharma steered the best institution towards the ideal of excellence and quality education. His patronage, guidance and innovative drive is palpable in every facet of all its institutions which aim at top developing the mental, physical and spiritual potential of each individual to nurture them into a well balanced and integrated personality. His vision continues to inspire and motivate us even today and the school proudly upholds his commitment to excellence in all fields.

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Shree Ram Institute Of Technical Education

Shree Ram Institute of Technical Education (SRITE), Mouli Chowk is established and run by Shree Ram Mulakh Dayal Educational Trust. The aim of the college is to prepare technical manpower and to provide all necessary skills and training to make the students employable from day one. The mission of the institute is to prepare global and internationally acceptable engineers and to inculcate right attitude, concept of self-learning, continues development, team sprit & to prepare good human being.

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Jat College Of Polytechnic

The college campus is at a Walking Distance from Kaithal Bus Stand and located in the Heart of City. The campus is aesthetically built in an ecofriendly environment which is free from all kind of pollution and is an eco friendly environment and spread over Six acres of lands.

The college has an established Training & Placement Cell, which has been able to secure placement of maximum number of students passing out of the college in industries of repute.

Principal Message

The institution is having well qualified and experienced staff in respective disciplines ,who mould the students to concrete as a result they project themselves in this competitive world. Principal is assisted by well qualified team of H.O.D’s , Lecturers and other teaching & non teaching staff of the institute. The staff is always willing to anchor and co-operate in various co-curricular activities taking place in the institute time to time.

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Anand International College Of Engineering

nand International College of Engineering as a fast growing technical college has made remarkable progress towards excellence. In a short span of six year the college has distinguished itself as an eminent technological study centre. Such a notable achievement has been possible because of the clear vision of the management to make a positive contribution in the field of quality based technical education.
The college imparts requisite skills for technical competency and practical exposureto its students. Creative thinking along with social and ethical valuesare encouraged and nurtured in its students.Thus the ethos created here is of great significance. Various opportunities for intellectual and professional growth are provided to students for all round development through activities like industrial visits, seminars, special talks, literary, cultural and sports activities. Technical, managerial and communication skills are taught in a regular time table setting. Students gain the advantage of learning from senior resource pool of faculty and staff. Many opportunities for undergoing Training from foreign universities are also provided to the students during their graduation.

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North East Institute Of Management Science(Neims)

NEIMS is situated in Jorhat, the Knowledge City of North Eastern State of Assam. Since inception our vision has been to excel in the field of Hotel and Management Education. NEIMS is now recognized as one of the best and most respected private Hotel Schools in North East. This is largely been attributed to align our self with the changing times, while maintaining focus on quality education and training. Ever since its inception, NEIMS has focused on creating and providing quality students for the entire hospitality industry. Today, NEIMS Alumni occupy key positions in top hospitality organizations across world. In recent years, NEIMS has taken several steps in its pursuit of excellence. Some of the specific steps taken during the last couple of years are: Recruitment of new faculty, improving the content delivery methodologies, training of trainers, and Modernization of IT infrastructure. We, the management and staff of NEIMS, believe that the best way to grow is to move forward and initiate changes to survive the change. I on behalf of the NEIMS family extend you an invitation to become the part of the success!!.

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