Education System In india

Education System In india

In ancient time , india ; typically indus valley was more educated than rest of the world , If you look knew the history , you will understand indian / indus valley culture is purely based science, We were the first to extract zinc, we were the first to know about the planets.

Suddenly , what went wrong? why are we behind? The biggest reason was our greediness, we were born greedy , we lacked unity before and now. Unity is not in our blood ; we fight in the name of caste, states and what not! Just for our profit we have let arabics, portuguese, french and United Kingdom rule us.

We all know about british rule, They weren’t in crores they were just few yet they ruled us for 200 years. Not because they were powerful ( read about gandhi , without any weapon he forced them leave ). It was all because we were selfish.

British Knew we have knowledge but it wouldn’t have been easy for them  to rule us longer, so they started destroying our knowledge base, We slowly started learning today’s science which may not be as powerful as ours but who cares , British were powerful so We must follow the power, We have habbit of following power, We evaluate people with his/her clothes and pocket, This is how we have been bought up.

Slowly our old books , Veda became an old fashion and today’s biology , botany , space science our new fashion.

Let’s talk about today, Are we on top no! We still lack , Why? why can’t we do the things no matter what fashion we follow. I have spent half of my life studying , one thing i have noticed is our education system is not based on practice, None of the teacher neither the board cares what we have learnt as long as we are scoring marks, To us marks can only evaluate how big we can become, We are born to score high get a job, get married and have kids and die.

We lack Moral Education, We lack practical education , We lack real knowledge , It’s not our fault , as we are made how our  parents did and our parents are like this how their parents wanted him/her to be, it’s a life cycle.

Education is the most powerful thing, It affects, economy , politics everyting , We call ourself a graduate but the fact is even after getting a degree; we lack things which can be challenged even by a 5th standard kid of other country.  Our whole life is stuck between scores and a job. If we don’t score we won’t get a job,  After all , there is only onething on earth, Get job and get married , we can get down to any level for this, who cares what happens to the world or country .

More you write more you score, Things can be best explained in few sentences but if you start writings thousand lines about them definitely you will write rubbish. But this is how our education system works, write more get more, we don’t care how much you really know.



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