Which Platform or language is best for getting a job In india

Which Platform or language is best for getting a job In india

Well, You must know something to get a job . The best thing you should know is how to learn things, Analyze things and learn to solve critical problems.

Languages are very easy to learn , if you have learning capabilities. You might have heard people working on one platform and switching to another, this is common in IT industry . In fact it’s important to learn new things if you want to sustain.

Now what can make you get an easy job

Answer : Nothing is easy but everything is simple, there are some platform which you can learn with less effort and get a job quickly for example web design, though web designing can be extremely difficult filed later, it can help you get a job quite quickly , you can learn html, css, photoshop( if possible ) and there you go, you can easy get a low pay job.

What should you learn to get a High Paid Job

Well! you can earn high with anything that you are expert at. If you want to get into a job in a bigger company  , you should focus on new platforms like android, IOS ( objective C ) but the most difficult thing  in IT industry is by the time i write this article a new thing comes, for example Swift

swift will slowly kill objective C , similarly there are new things coming everyday so must be up to date which new technology.

Still there are few fields which remains good enough to crack a job in a bigger company , languages like c#, java, python ,c , c++ is going to stay for longer , so you can choose them , though there are many developers in java and c#, still there is plenty of job in these languages.

I would recommend learning new language because it has less competition and can attract more money.

Can Designing Earn Money

Well, Designers earn more money  than developers , but designers requirement is less than developers, in a small company you will find only 1-2 designer and many developers, Low level designers hardly earn anything. So if you choose designing you must be an expert.

Data Warehousing and Big Data

Big data a hot field , you can get a high paid job if you know this, big data architect earns a lot of money and there are still less people in  big data. The world is slowly getting closer and industry which has more data are considered high , so this field is going to go a long way.

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